Monogamy among GBT guys?

Recently I’ve been keeping myself busy with this thought. Despite being desperate due to bad experiences, I stumbled upon this post from Huffingtonpost Is it the future for gay guys?.

Yes, the research is based from the US and I live in Europe. But still, I believe in globalization lol. And hell, I’ve moved here in Europe on my own so I don’t mind living in the US one day if I have the chance. Anyway, the research shown that the younger generation tend to seek for a monogamous relationship. I’m starting to believe that there is hope for gay guys. It is not that we should live in heteronormative society but I do believe in a monogamous relationship would bring more happiness and health.

It mentioned in the article that this was one of the respond to the court that legalized same sex couple in 2015. what’s with the fact that in Europe same sex marriage has been legalized for a quiet long time now? And yet there are still many couples that are in an open relationship/ marriage/ bot even looking for any of it. I guess cultural differences play a big role here. Is it also the fact that I’m from Asia and believe in a family manner(close with the family, great relationship with relatives, social bonding is a way of living)? Since being a family person is not everyone’s idea of live but I know that having a family in a loving atmosphere is what keeps me want to stay alive- I’ll tell the story about my coming out later.

What your thoughts about it? Is it true that monogamy among gay guys is the new black?


Yellow, World!

Thursday, 14th of December 2017 21:39, Germany

As a millennial who’s stuck with the internet beside of the fact that my univ homework is haunting me.

I stumbled to a gay blog ( and read his posts and I thought myself, hmm this is fun. (I was once a blogger when I was younger but then I pulled myself back because of some reasons) So I thought, why not make another one and start over. Cause since then I’ve experienced and explored a lot of  good and bad stuff in a short period of time.

Since this is my first post, I’d like to talk about one of many goals that I want to achieve with this blog. Namely; spreading awareness regarding racism, discrimination, any-shaming to everyone who isn’t aware yet and also the ones who are aware but try to deny it.

But let’s be honest here, this topic has been going on and on and on and on, but nothing really changes. From the “No Fat, fem or asian”, “not into “rice, curry, black, potato, jalapeños or whatever you may call these races something you can digest”. And I started thinking “what can we do about it?”

The thing is, as an asian gay man living in Europe, I see some asians on the dating apps like Planetromeo, Grindr, Tinder or even Jack’d. I tried to get to know them cause I find some of them to be interesting but funny enough, they don’t date people their own race! But honestly, I won’t blame them. I was once in their shoes though.. What shifted my mind was the fact that; as I grow more mature and experienced different stuff, this might sound cliché but I started to love myself more. Because apparently I was running from myself.

So gaysians, let’s take some times to question why you think and behave in such a way. Sure nothing lies under the rugs? 🙂 I’ll let you answer that question yourself.

Peace Out! ✌️

love myself